Representing the Needs of the Seller - Vendor Advocacy

Put simply, a vendor’s advocate represents the interest of the property seller. They can organise independent valuations of a property, vet real estate agents for the seller and review their proposals with respect to prices, commissions and marketing strategy. Further to this, a good vendor’s advocate can advise on what needs to be done to achieve the best price for your property and guide you through the steps needed to do this.

Your home is most likely your biggest and most important asset. When it comes time to sell, seeking independent and uncompromised property selling advice from industry experts you can trust is essential. Property Searchers Vendor Management services offer exactly this.

Selling Your Property - Do you know where to start?

Selling a property can be a daunting and stressful exercise. There can be so many questions that go unanswered or become evident only after the fact. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an independent advocate who can provide unbiased advice, drawn from many years of experience and not driven by the lure of commission? Ultimately, one or two poor decisions made at any point in the sale process can cost you thousands of dollars and unnecessary stress! In an industry saturated with conflicting and compromising information, we will deliver the solutions you are seeking with this complimentary service.

Do you know what your property is worth?

Agents often promise what they cannot deliver when appraising a property. Here at Property Searchers, our vendor's advocates will provide you with a detailed, market informed and accurate appraisal of your property. Having this knowledge will strengthen your position, providing perspective and confident decision making from start to finish. 

Do you know what work to do to your property prior to selling and whether it will make a difference?

Our local market knowledge is extensive and we understand exactly what property buyers want. This expertise will not only save you from spending unnecessary money but it will ultimately make you money, in the final sale outcome. We will manage the entire process for you. That means we will coordinate trades, quotes, timelines and ensuring the jobs get done well.


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